Prasanth Karri

Software Engineer

January 6, 2024


Hello World!

This is how we usually start our programming journey (at least most of the times), right?. Just tried following the tradition here. But probably need a bit more than just a string.So, here it goes.

I write here about things that I find interesting and things that I’m currently learning about. Note taking is great but writing about things in public is much better. I can finally have a place (this blog) in a corner of the internet where I can play around with tech (used astro to build this blog), meet other interesting people, record my daily learnings (like - today I learned), gather feedback and improve myself.

Earlier I said I write about things that I find interesting. But what are they? It really is a hard question. Hard to pinpoint a particular thing. Don’t want to limit myself (at least not yet) to a particular topic. May be one day. So, if you are following now, please be aware that it could be any random topic ranging from programming to how to make a good cup of coffee ☕️.

If you are interested in following along, do bookmark this site or subscribe to the RSS feed. You can also reach out to me on Twitter.